Submission Guidelines

Like we say in our “About Us” section, we are open to art across the genres from current University of Houston undergraduates. If it can be put on paper, we’ll consider it for the chapbook (and the website). If it can’t be put on paper, we’ll consider it for the website. When we receive submissions, we consider them for the printed chapbook, web features, and readings simultaneously.

Direct all of your submissions to Submitting work that’s under consideration somewhere else is cool, as long as you promptly notify us if your work has been accepted at that other publication. If you’re submitting multiple works of creative writing, we ask that you send them in a single file (doc., docx., pdf., etc.). For visual works, please send individual high quality jpg or tiff files and include the titles and medium in your file name or email. As for the number of submissions, five is the limit for all genres.

Please also include with your submission a short bio (about 25 words) that we can include if we decide to feature your work. It can be straightforward or a little more creative. It’s up to you.

Word-Limits on Literary Submissions

Because our chapbook only supports sixteen pages of material, we ask that literary submissions be topped off at several thousand words. However, we’re not cut-throat about this. If you have a ten-thousand-word piece that you feel is dynamite, send it. It we deem it worthy of publication, we’ll see if we can accommodate all of it or, if not, abridge it.

A Note on Color for Art Submissions

As for art submissions, there really aren’t many no-no’s. But since we can only print a limited number of color images, we cherish art that can work in black and white. Black-and-white pieces are kind of like our wild cards; they can exist anywhere in the chapbook. But if you have something that shines in color, show us what you got. Our favorite color piece usually constitutes the front cover.

A Note on Video and Music Submissions

If you want to submit video or music for the website, the options are essentially limitless, so send it over.

When We Respond to Submissions

For chapbook submissions, we respond to artists in January (for the spring issue) and June/July (for the fall issue).

Thank you for considering The Aletheia. We look forward to seeing your work.


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