Diamante Reyes, is a poet and bartender residing in Houston’s East End district. She is currently a student in the Creative Writing program at the University of Houston with a minor in Studio Arts. A wanderer at heart and feet, she explores the realms of poetry, painting, digital art, music and film. The envisioned future constantly changes and her cells are the first to let her know.


Adrienne Meyers

Adrienne Elyse Meyers, a lover of the arts and a native Houstonian, is currently studying in the Fine Arts-Photography/Digital Media program and Honors College at the University of Houston. She enjoys roaming through various creative projects, among tall grasses, and into tubes of cookie dough. Her future plans include graduate school.


sam headshot

Sam Scarber is currently a student in the Philosophy and World Cultures & Literatures departments. When he’s not pre-occupied with trying to dig his nose out of a book, Sam spends his time excessively indulging in television binges, bitterly brooding in dark rooms, and silently critiquing U.S. educational policy. He offers his sincerest apologies for any improper use of gendered pronouns.


Cecelia White is a student of Playwriting and Interdisciplinary Art at the University of Houston. You can find her living the stereotype on campus in any location surrounded by coffee, books or ramen. She looks forward to perpetuating this lifestyle in graduate school.


Sara Balabanlilar is currently studying English Literature and Film at the University of Houston. She spends her time working in the film department at the Museum of Fine Arts, making coffee, and generally living a life of anachronisms a la Portlandia (her hometown). She apologizes in advance for the references to craft beer and feminist bookstores.

Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Constant graduated from the University of Houston in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre with a focus in dramaturgy (no one else knows what that is either; it is okay). Although not necessarily a creator herself, Elizabeth enjoys editing and publishing others’ talents. When she is not rummaging around libraries, she plays with her yellow puppy dog, Daisy.

Kristen Flack

Kristen Flack* is a poet, essayist, and alum of the University of Houston Honors College, where she graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in poetry. Her senior thesis, The Deep South: Personal Essays and Lyric Interludes, won the campus-wide Outstanding Thesis Award, and her poetry collection Body and Form was honorable mention for the 2012 Howard Moss Poetry Prize. Kristen now works with Inprint, Houston’s literary nonprofit dedicated to inspiring readers and writers.

Max Gardner

Max Gardner graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in creative writing and journalism. Max will pursue a master’s degree in creative writing.


Edward S. Garza* graduated summa cum laude in May 2013 with his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Houston. A member of the Honors College, he served as The Aletheia‘s Editor-in-Chief from 2012-2013. He is the winner of the Lawrence Prize in Nonfiction and the Gentile Scholarship in Literary Criticism, both from UH. His work has been published in OffCite, the Houston Chronicle, and several online venues. Edward now works as a Program Manager at UH’s Writing Center.


Megan Harrington* graduated from the UH Honors College with a degree in Poetry and a minor in Creative Works. While attending UH, she was the Coordinator for the Center for Creative Work, organizing such events as the Dionysia, the Book Swap Auction, and the Artist’s & Their Regions trip. She currently lives in Eado and works for a commercial real estate firm doing project coordination and market research. In her spare time, if she is not walking her dog, Eloise or on the hunt for the next best restaurant, she is practicing yoga or training for her next triathlon.


Blythe Alexandra Nguyen is a native Houstonian and lover of language. She is pursuing a career writing creative non-fiction and fiction. She also enjoys the realms of music, film, acting and dance. She resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

*Founding Editor


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