About Us

Who We Are

The Aletheia (al-uh-thay-uh) is an undergraduate literary and arts publication housed out of the Center for Creative Work at the University of Houston Honors College. You can contact the journals staff at thealetheiasubmissions@gmail.com. 

What Forms of Art We Publish

We accept submissions in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art, music, and film.

Whom We Publish

For our semesterly chapbook, we consider only the works of undergraduates currently attending a University of Houston campus, regardless of major. However, if you are an undergraduate or graduate student associated with another college/university, you are eligible—and encouraged—to submit your work for our monthly feature series, which we publish on this site. Our feature series is also open to post-curricular artists of all walks.

When We Publish

The Aletheia publishes two chapbooks a year, one around January and one around September. Every month we publish at least one artist profile on this site. Our features include interviews with students, faculty, and alumni from the University of Houston and beyond. In addition to an interview, we will usually feature new work from the artist.

While we publish a new chapbook twice a year, we always welcome and read submissions. Nevertheless, the deadline for consideration for the spring issue is December 16th, while the deadline for the fall issue is May 25th.


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