UH Student Feature: Angel Lartigue

Angel is a multimedia artist born in Texas who experiments in photography, video, sculpture and performance. While working on their BFA in photography/digital media at University of Houston, Angel has also participated in group shows at Blaffer Art Museum, Alabama Song, HCC Central Fine Art Gallery and has had work reviewed by glasstire.com. Angel is currently working on a body of work set to be presented for their student thesis group show April 9th, 2016 at Rudolf Blume Fine Art Gallery.

The following series is a large body of work encompassing digital imaging, video and sculpture. Inspired by the complexity of death and rebirth, the artist explored the “pre-defined” narratives that emerge from the two concepts. Several questions prompted the series forward, such as: How does it feel to be in a state of transformation? Does one experience death multiple times? In “Selfies as I Were Muertx/Asesinadx”, Angel created different scenarios in which they discovered their own body in a fresh state of decomposition. Angel states, “I point to a world of decay, nature and the search of identity. I use art as a tactic of not only navigating the undercurrent tension produced by dominant cultural shifts, but to re-imagine narratives of spiritual possibility.”

Angel has stated that they will expand the series as they continue the exploration of these intricate concepts.

“Selfies as I were Muertx/Asesinadx”






Image 1:
Title: Sci-vation
Medium: digital image / inkjet print
Image 2-5:
Title: Selfie as I were Muertx / Asesinadx
Medium: digital image / inkjet print
Note: The artist chooses to go by “They/Them/Their” when referred to.
Article by Diamante Reyes

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