Aletheia Writers Win Big at 2013 UH English Awards

Good Job!

We at The Aletheia commend Darlene Campos, Bryan Washington, and Melissa Dziedzic for winning awards from the University of Houston’s English department. Campos has won the 2013 Sylvan N. Karchmer Fiction Prize, Washington the 2013 Bryan Lawrence Award in Fiction, and Dziedzic the 2013 Bryan Lawrence Award in Nonfiction.

We were honored to publish stories from both Campos and Washington in our Fall 2012 issue, which you can read through our Chapbook Archive above. We were equally honored to have Dziedzic read her personal essay “Hair” — the essay, in fact, that won her the Lawrence Award — at our Avant Garden event earlier this month. Jobs well done, everyone!

Edward S. Garza


April Feature: A Conversation with A.P.V. Sutton, Featuring New Poems

APV Sutton

By Edward S. Garza

A.P.V. Sutton graduated from the University of Houston in December 2012 with his Bachelor’s in English-Creative Writing. He serves as Poetry Editor for the undergraduate literary journal Glass Mountain and is one of the founding editors of Houston and Nomadic Voices. He has published his poems in several publications, including two in the Fall 2012 issue of The Aletheia. In this interview, we speak about those two pieces as well as his approach to poetry. Stay tuned after the conversation to read two of Sutton’s new works.

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What was the first poem that had an impact on you?

The first poem I seriously read was “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,” the frequently cited villanelle by Dylan Thomas, though it’s important that I tell you that I was originally lead to that poem by my favorite band, of Montreal. Begin digression: so it was circa 2007, oM had released Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?, and in an interview Kevin Barnes said that DT’s poem influenced the album’s last track “We Were Born the Mutants Again With Leafling.” For me, the language of both the poem and the song sounded like some crazy/wonderful neo-English that I wanted to become fluent in. Continue reading