What’s in a Day?

Thursday — it has been the day of choice for history’s rockstars. The Romans associated it with the god Jupiter, he of the sky and thunder. Norse pagans later attributed the day to their own version of Jupiter, Thor, hence giving us its name. Heck, the day is so cool that Jesus decided to schedule his last supper on it. (On the other hand, it’s possible that Thursday was simply what worked best with the disciples’ calendars. Imagine trying to schedule a sit-down dinner with twelve of your friends without using Facebook or Evite.)

Well, “Thor’s Day” is about to get more literary. Starting this October, The Aletheia will host its readings on the first Thursday of the month. Thus, this semester’s first reading will be on October 4th. Same time (7:00), same place (Avant Garden, 411 Westheimer), same quality mix of literature and art. Stay tuned to this site and our Facebook page for more updates on the event, including who will be the featured artists. So mark your calendar — we look forward to seeing you.

The Editors


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