Number One with a Bullet

By the time it’s six weeks old, a cougar can eat meat. By the time it’s nine months old, it can hunt and kill its own food. Shortly after it hits age one, a cougar will light out to claim its own territory.

Celebrating The Aletheia’s first birthday, we believe we’re developing at a pace similar to our feline friend’s. We look forward to bringing you another robust year of chapbooks, readings, online content, and general kickassery. Expect to read the fall chapbook next month. We’ll drop a specific date before too long. The same goes for this fall’s first live reading, which as always will be at Avant Garden (411 Westheimer Road).

Above all, we thank you, the reader. On the page, computer screen, and in person, you have been the lifeblood of this journal. Read on, write on, and spread the word.

The Editors


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